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Hammann F, Gotta V, Conen K, Medinger M, Cesana P, Rochlitz C, Taegtmeyer AB. Pharmacokinetic interaction between taxanes and amiodarone leading to severe toxicity. Br J Clin Pharmacol 2017;83:927-30. [Ref.ID 101972]
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Plessis L, Gómez A, García N, Cereza G, Figueras A. Lack of essential information in spontaneous reports of adverse drug reactions in Catalonia - a restraint to the potentiality for signal detection. Eur J Clin Pharmacol 2017;73:3 de marzo. [Ref.ID 101453]
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Anónimo. Prescribing information sources for healthcare professionals. Drug Ther Bull 2016;54:129-32. [Ref.ID 100943]
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Anónimo. FDA changing advice for prescribing mifepristone. DIA Daily 2016:2. [Ref.ID 100103]
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Anónimo. FDA warns about several safety issues with opioid pain medicines; requires label changes. FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration 2016:22 de marzo. [Ref.ID 100078]
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Bolen SD, Maruthur NM. The safety of incretin based drug treatments for type 2 diabetes. BMJ 2016;352:i801. [Ref.ID 100062]
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Anónimo. Safety information for antipsychotic drug Abilify and risk of certain impulse-control behaviours . Healthy Canadians 2015:2 de noviembre. [Ref.ID 99611]
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Anónimo. Oral diclofenac no longer available OTC. Drug Ther Bull 2015;53:14-7. [Ref.ID 98777]
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Bello AE, Holt RJ. Cardiovascular risk with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: clinical implications. Drug Saf 2014;37:897-902. [Ref.ID 98405]
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Tan K, Petrie KJ, Faasse K, Bolland MJ, Grey A. Unhelpful information about adverse drug reactions. BMJ 2014;349:g5019. [Ref.ID 98190]
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Anónimo. FDA adding general warning to testosterone products about potential for venous blood clots. FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration 2014:19 de junio. [Ref.ID 97716]
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Tatham KC, Patel KP. Why can't all drugs be vegerarian?. BMJ 2014;348:18-20. [Ref.ID 97253]
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Racoosin JA, Roberson DW, Pacanowski MA, Nielsen DR. New evidence about an old drug - Risk with codeine after adenotonsillectomy. N Engl J Med 2013;368:2155-7. [Ref.ID 95602]
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Anónimo. Magnesium sulfate: drug safety communication - Recommendation against prolonged use in pre-term labor . FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration 2013:30 de mayo. [Ref.ID 95521]
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Feely MA, Mabry TM, Lohse CM, Sems SA, Mauck KF. Safety of clopidogrel in hip fracture surgery. Mayo Clin Proc 2013;88:149-56. [Ref.ID 95136]
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Godlee F. Withdraw approval for Tamiflu until NICE has full data. BMJ 2012;345:27. [Ref.ID 94247]
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Kesselheim AS, Avorn J, Greene JA. Risk, responsibility, and generic drugs. N Engl J Med 2012;367:1679-81. [Ref.ID 93957]
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Anónimo. Getting the timing right. Drug Ther Bull 2012;50:13. [Ref.ID 92424]
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Anónimo. Statin drugs - Drug safety communication: class labeling change. FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration 2012:1 de marzo. [Ref.ID 92196]
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