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Moore TJ, Hanzhe Z, Anderson G, Alexander C. Estimated costs of pivotal trials for novel therapeutic agents approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, 2015-2016. JAMA Intern Med 2018:24 de septiembre. [Ref.ID 102831]
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Qato DM, Wilder J, Schumm LP, Gillet V, Alexander C. Changes in prescription and over-the-counter medication and dietary supplement use among older adults in the United States, 2005 vs 2011. JAMA Intern Med 2016;176:473-82. [Ref.ID 100068]
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Gellad WF, Flynn KE, Alexander C. Evaluation of flibanserin: science and advocacy at the FDA. JAMA 2015;314:869-70. [Ref.ID 99515]
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Hampton LM, Daubresse M, Chang HY, Alexander C, Budnitz DS. Emergency department visits by adults for psychiatric medication adverse events. JAMA Psychiatry 2014;71:1006-14. [Ref.ID 97739]
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Mahoney EM, Jurkovitz CT, Chu H, Becker ER, Culler S, Kosinski AS, Robertson D H, Alexander C, Nag S, Cook JR, Demopoulos LA, DiBattiste PM, Cannon CP, Weintraub WS, for the TACTICS-TIMI 18 Investigators. Cost and cost-effectiveness of an early invasive vs conservative strategy for the treatment of unstable angina and non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction. JAMA 2002;288:1851-8. [Ref.ID 63694]
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